Webster's New World Portable Dictionary

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Webster's New World Portable Large Print Dictionary, Second Edition 

2nd Edition

Contains more than 35,000 entries that encompass clear, readable definitions, a pronunciation guide, examples of current word usage, guidance on spelling and punctuation, contemporary terminology, and new sections on presidents, states, Canadian provinces, signs, symbols, weights, and measures, all in an accessible and eye-friendly format. Original. (Reference)

This large print book carries the seal of approval of N.A.V.H.  No more struggling with the fine print, thanks to Webster's New World Portable Large Print Dictionary, which has all the outstanding features of other Webster's New World dictionaries, including clear, precise definitions. Based on the acclaimed Webster's New World Dictionary, Fourth College Edition, this offers 

* Over 35,000 entries 
* Precise definitions 
* Syllable breaks, accents, and pronunciation for difficult words 
* Clear, highly readable type 

With its authoritative, current, and accessible information in a compact, easy-to-use format, Webster's New World Portable Large Print Dictionary can be used anywhere: in the office, in the classroom, at home, and all the places in between.

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