Viruses and Nanotechnology (Current Topics in Microbiology and Immunology): Viruses and Nanotechnology

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""Nanobiotechnology involves the exploitation of biomaterials, devices or methodologies at the nanoscale. Virus particles are natural nanomaterials and have received particular attention as novel building blocks tor materials design and fabrication. In this volume, leaders in the field of viral nanobiotechnology address the fundamental means for generating virus-based nanoparticles by performing chemistry on virion substrates, multilayered arrays and hybrid virus networks incorporating materials such as quantum dots and carbon nano-tubes. The use of virus-like protein cages to generate novel materials that can be used for biomedical applications such as biomedical imaging and vaccine purposes is discussed. Finally, the novel tumor-targeting properties of certain viruses are harnessed to achieve specificity in vivo. This volume describes the unprecedented opportunities to capitalize on the vast knowledge of virus particles and their physical and material properties.""--BOOK JACKET.

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