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Two Coots in a Canoe: An Unusual Story of Friendship

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SUPERANNO When retired CEO Ramsay Peard, 61, called his old friend David Morine, 59, and asked the longtime conservationistif he wanted to canoe the Connecticut River,Morine said hed do it under one condition: no camping. Well rely on the kindness of strangers. And thats what they did. Mooching their way down the river and staying with strangers every night, Morine and Peard got an inside look at such issues as the demise of farming, the loss of manufacturing, gay rights, and Wal-Mart versus Main Street, and they were able to delve deep into the lives of complete strangers. But Morine soon realized the one life he never dug into was Peards. After spending a month with him in a canoe, he had no idea that his friends innermost thoughts had taken a fateful course. Original.