Trauma-Informed Care: How Neuroscience Influences Practice (Explorations in Mental Health)

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""This book informs and educates the professional community on the neurological changes to the brain as a result of trauma exposure and provides evidenced-based and emergent treatment intervention options to assist persons recovering from acute and chronic traumatic events. In recent years, advances in neuroscience data on the changes to the brain as a result of exposure to trauma and traumatic stress have been well documented in scholarly literature. This emerging knowledge provides new insight for professionals who work in direct practice. This book explains how trauma can alter brain structure, explores the impact of this on varied populations, and provides evidenced-based treatment options for recovery. Topics covered include: children and trauma adult survivors of trauma military veterans and PTSD sexual assault, domestic violence and human trafficking compassion fatigue Trauma-informed Care draws on the latest findings from the fields of neuroscience and mental health and will prove essential reading for researchers and practitioners. It will also interest clinical social workers and policy makers who work with people recovering from trauma""--

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