The Evolution of Faith: How God Is Creating a Better Christianity

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""For too many people, the concepts of original sin, a God who sends people to hell, and Jesus as the only path to God can no longer be stomached. But rather than throwing the baby out with bath water, Philip Gulley, famous for his own controversial theology that affirms universality, urges us to consider letting go of our tightly held beliefs and start the journey towards a dynamic faith. Gulley teaches us to embrace the freedom to let go of those tenets of Christianity that are no longer furthering the faith, and reimagine a Christianity we can believe in. Despite religions insistence on unchanging truths and static dogma, Gulley introduces the concept of a fluid, dynamic theology, a faith that grows and changes with you. In this book, Gulley provides auseful vernacular and starting point for those looking to explore what they really believe, rather than what they've always been taught. Instead of looking for answers outside of oneself, Gulley encourages us to develop our own apologetics, a belief system that is open to evolution as new ideas are presented and new realities experienced. Faith should always be seen as a work in progress, and this accessible guide will be a must-have tool for those interested in where the Christian faith is going today""--

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