Teaching Criminology At The Intersection: A How-to Guide for Teaching About Gender, Race, Class and Sexuality

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""Topics which surround gender, race, ethnicity, and class, produce some of the most challenging issues for classroom lectures and discussions. These conversations, which many people find uncomfortable, are commonly met with resistance in the classroom when students are asked to examine how victimization is gendered, how racial profiling affects the criminal justice system, or how socioeconomic status shapes a defendant's experiences in court. Teaching Criminology at the Intersection is an instructional guide to support faculty as they navigate teaching these topics. By combining the experience and knowledge of an international set of expert scholars with pedagogical theory, this book will provide time-strapped academics with an accessible how-to guide for the classroom where the dynamics and discrimination of gender, race, and class demographics intersect and permeate criminological concerns. In each chapter the contributors will discuss the particular challenges related to teaching about their topic andtheir suggestions for best practice, while grounding their ideas in pedagogical theory. Reading lists will be provided for each topic, as well as a 'toolkit' of assignments, activities, syllabi and images or video links""--

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