Shades of Light: Making Tailored Lampshades

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Shades of Light: Making Tailored Lampshades 

Paperback – Illustrated, November 1, 2014

Shares design inspiration and instructions for making lampshades using both traditional methods and advanced techniques, including knife pleating and chiffon swathing.

Design inspiration and practical instruction for a satisfying home craft needing small work space, little specialist equipment, and plenty of reusing and recycling

Traditional lampshade-making has been an overlooked craft for many years, as cheap to buy and readily available modern card shades have become the norm. However, with the resurgence of interest in home crafts, as well as the desire to find something unique in a sea of chain shops, traditional fabric lampshades are becoming more popular. An invaluable practical reference guide, which includes both clear written instructions and helpful illustrations, this book explores the history of lampshade-making, its trends and design inspirations. It looks at the technical elements required, shows the techniques needed to make the shade properly in the traditional way, and then explores more advanced techniques such as chiffon swathing and knife pleating. Once the reader has understood the potential of the hand-crafted shade, he or she can begin the design process, even using creative skills from other disciplines. The great thing about lampshade-making is that it doesn't require a large financial outlay and can involve a lot of reusing and recycling. For readers who want to create something beautiful, unique, and practical but don't have unlimited resources or a wealth of technical skills, home craft could be just the project.