Practical Leadership in Nursing and Health Care

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""Preface This book is part of a journey--a personal journey of development and discovery, where through excellent teachers and challenging life and work lessons, I have, over time, developed a real passion for leadership. But not any leadership, leadership which is authentic and sincere, focused on a way forward; leadership which is ethical and compassionate, which comes from a place of integrity, and which has within it a genuine desire for growth and positive change for all those involved, be that for ourselves, the colleagues we work with or the patients we serve. It is a leadership that is prepared to put personal ego aside to ensure the greater good of others and the service we work within. It is a leadership that wants to make a real difference andwill do what it takes to ensure that the goal is reached within an ethical and compassionate framework. To bring others along on that journey, this book introduces people with whom I have connected over the last few years, who have inspired me and shown me what this real, authentic and compassionate leadership is all about. The authors here have all shown real leadership in their own walks of professional life, are all passionate about what they do for others and are generous enough to share their learning to assist others in their ongoing leadership development. The focus of the book is twofold: firstly, to assist personal leadership development, for personal satisfaction and growth, and secondly, to improve healthcare delivery to patients, through excellence in personal practice. I believe that it is through the passion, ability and drive of individuals (you and me) that we will change and challenge practices to ensure that patients get the best possible care in all healthcare contexts""--Provided by publisher.

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