Paleo Cookbook for Dummies (For Dummies (Cooking))

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Paleo Cookbook For Dummies 

Paperback – July 29, 2013

Offers those new to the world of dieting like the ancients over one hundred recipes for making meals, snacks, desserts, and drinks that exclude dairy, processed foods, and refined sugar.

The fast and easy way to enjoy a Paleo diet

The Paleo movement is one of the hottest diet and healthy-eating approaches, as people discover an appealing and sustainable alternative to the restrictive diets that lead to burnout and failed weight loss efforts. This modern-day take on an ancient diet―which excludes dairy, processed foods, and refined sugar―has helped thousands of people lose weight and keep it off. Now, The Paleo Cookbook For Dummies offers more than 100 simple and tasty Paleo recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, and even beverages.

  • Includes an overview of the Paleo Diet, grocery shopping and pantry stocking tips, and kid-friendly Paleo recipes
  • Offers Paleo recipes for every meal of the day
  • All recipes are contributed by powerhouse Paleo chefs

The Paleo Cookbook For Dummies gives you delicious, flavorful, and easy-to-make recipes for anyone who wants to enjoy the benefits of eating the Paleo way.

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