Edgar Cayce's Story of Jesus

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Edgar Cayce's Story of Jesus 

Mass Market Paperback – June 1, 1976

Based on the psychic readings of Edgar Cayce, the author provides an illuminating narrative on the life of Jesus

America’s “sleeping prophet” offers his unique and inspirational interpretation of the greatest story ever told.
In addition to his labors on behalf of the physically afflicted, the world-renowned prophet and psychic, Edgar Cayce, gave a series of 2,500 clairvoyant readings devoted to spiritual matters, with reincarnation as their central theme.
This extraordinary book brings together the story of Jesus, as found scattered through Cayce’s readings, making available for the first time the challenging and thought-provoking contribution of America’s “sleeping prophet.”
“...These excerpts make interesting reading and surely demonstrate the vitality of Cayce’s subconscious mind.”—Library Journal
“The appeal of Mr. Furst’s book lies in the fact that he quotes at great length from the Cayce readings, and this should please the people who have been tantalized by brief quotations in other, earlier books.”—Nashville Tennessean

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