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COVID-19 Prevention, Handling and Shipping

  1. From the ADLE GROUP, we hope that your keeping your social distance and wishing you are best in this tough times.
  2. Like everyone, your probably shopping online and we thank you for your business.
  3. We acknowledge there's been an extraordinary surge of our orders, thanks to our loyal customers over the years.
  4. Although  There is that evidence that the virus can live on packaging for some period of time. and while in transit during this uncertainty it's still best to take the ultimate infection prevention.
  5. First and most basic is for us to constantly wash our hands with soap and water with at least 20-30 seconds. Use hand wipes or sanitize rs when soap is not available but soap is best at times. 
  6. Once you received your shipment or package,
  7. The first suggestion is to wipe down packages with disinfectant. Most book deliveries coming from us have two pieces of packaging--the product paper packaging, and the shipping container. Realistically, you should probably just remove your product from the shipping package, and dispose of that box immediately. 
  8. Remember to also wipe down the product and if not possible in the case of books with hardcovers, you can either spray it with a non liquid disinfectant of simply leave it in an area outside of the window, garage or porch for at least 24 hours. 
  9. We wanted you to know that even though you might have ordered 2-3 items from us, we might ship them separately or in different times as we practice safety precautions and social distancing on our warehouses. We have been mostly upgrading our free standard shipping to UPS Ground especially for Tarots, Puzzles and Games in order prevent items from being damaged and also to make up for some lost transit time.
  10. Again, thank your for your patronage in these tough times and rest assure we will do out best on our part.
  11. Alex Esguerra
  12. Founder, ADLE International