Flint Knapping: A Guide to Making Your Own Stone Age Toolkit

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Flint Knapping: A Guide to Making Your Own Stone Age Tool Kit 

Paperback – June 3, 2013

Looks at how flint was used by early humans to make a variety of tools, and provides instructions for making a Stone Age toolkit that includes such items as an American point, arrowhead, and thin biface.

A guide to an essential skill of our prehistoric ancestors

Flint knapping was one of the primary survival skills of our prehistoric ancestors. This highly original guide will enable the reader, with practice, to manufacture their own Stone Age tool kit. The expert author guides the reader on a journey of discovery, passing on ancient knowledge of how flint tools from the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic, and Bronze age were made and used.

Biographical Note:

Robert Turner teaches flint knapping at museums and universities. He works for a number of archaeological societies.

Table of Contents:

Acknowledgements -- An Introduction to Knapping -- 1. Understanding Which Rocks to Use -- 2. The Conchoidal Fracture or How Knapping Works -- 3. How to Get Started and the Tools you Will Need -- 4. Making a Hand Axe -- 5. Making a Blade Core -- 6. The History of Knapping -- 7. Metal and Modern Tools -- 8. Pressure Flaking -- 9. Another Viewpoint on Starting to Flint Knap -- 10. A Further Look at How you Hit Rocks: The Levallois Reduction -- 11. A Core Tool and a Blade Tool -- 12. Let's Make a Thin Biface -- 13. Let's Make an Arrowhead -- 14. An Introduction to American Knapping -- 15. American Time Periods and Types of Points -- 16. Is There a Connection Between European and American Knapping? -- 17. UK Flint Mines and USA Flint Mines -- 18. Let's Make an American Point -- 19. Further Knapping Techniques (Heat-Treating) -- 20. Summing It All Up -- 21. Illustrating Your Flints -- Bibliography -- Glossary of Terms -- Index.

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