Discipline Survival Guide for the Secondary Teacher (Jossey-Bass Education Survival Guides)

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""This unique, hands-on book is packed with tested ideas and strategies to help you create a classroom environment where good conduct and high achievement are the norm and where students become self-motivated and take responsibility for their actions. Thesecond edition is fully revised and updated to reflect changes in the past decade. Major updates include: A new focus on the teacher as a classroom leader and coach who wants students to buy into a classroom management program; more extensive coverage of safety issues, including creating a bully-free environment; more explicit information about the limits that teachers should set; protecting student privacy; how to handle chronic misbehavior--whether at the individual or whole-group level; new coverage of technology in the classroom, including handling disruptions from students' cell phones and iPods; managing a classroom when there are computers involved; various technological resources available to motivate, engage, instruct, and communicate with students and parents. This must-have resource offers a comprehensive and accessible guide to discipline in the secondary school setting, complete with handy forms, checklists, and self-assessments to help teachers work with students in productive ways""--

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