Curry Good!: Discover What's with a Curry that Makes It Delightful

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Title: Curry Good!: Discover What's with a Curry that Makes It Delightful

By the look and smell of it, a curry seems extremely complicated. Well, that's true in some ways. Curry is of Indian origins. It is traditionally made with a complex mix of different herbs and spices. Much of it includes the leaves taken from a curry tree, sans the name of the dish. As other cuisines adapted the curry, they made several other versions that are not quite the original but still maintains the curry goodness - flavorful and rich sauce with very tender meat and some choice veggies.
This curry cookbook will introduce you to a whole world of curries and what actually makes them ultra delightful. We have 30 curry recipes sourced from all over to give you countless options to make when you want to serve this dish to your family for any day and even for special occasions. Curries are great for making in a sizeable batch and definitely suitable for serving at potlucks and parties.

  • ISBN-13: 9781679798559
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  • Publish Date: 23-December 2019
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Author: April Blomgren

My name is April and I love to cook and entertain friends and family almost every weekend.


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