Cardiovascular Care made Incredibly Easy! (Cardiovascular Care Made Incredibly Easy)

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""Here's why this book is so terrific: - It will teach you all the important things you need to know about cardiovascular care. (And it will leave out all the fluff that wastes your time.) - It will help you remember what you've learned. - It will make you smile as it enhances your knowledge and skills. Don't believe me? Try these recurring logos on for size: Advice from the experts--tips and tricks from other cardiovascular care nurses on how to best perform cardiovascular care Peak technique--clear, concise explanations about the best ways to perform cardiovascular procedures Now I get it!--simplified explanations of difficult concepts related to the cardiovascular system No place like home--key information about adapting care to a home environment Memory joggers--acronyms and other mnemonics that aid recall of important information. ""--Provided by publisher.