About Affordable Books On Line

Affordable Books on line by ADLE International specializes in rare, out of print, hard to find, old, used and even new books with a vision to offer affordable books even to limited earners. ADLE International was founded in 1998 by the Former APEC Youth Representative, Alex Esguerra. Alex Esguerra then was a visionary young entrepreneur who co-founded the APEC Young Entrepreneurs' Association in 1997 during the APEC Ministerial Meetings in Ottawa, Canada. Even today, Alex continues to be a self-published author, blog writer and speaker in mentoring the youth as future business entrepreneurs. He also fights for the rights of the low income marginalized sectors such as homelessness, seniors, recovering drug addicts, HIV infected individuals and veterans. Through ADLE International's books business model, he is able to sustain his non-profit endeavors. Today, Affordable Books on line's storefront has multiplied in different books, dvd's and cd's websites with the initial vision of affordability.    Follow me on Blogarama