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Education and Keeping Yourself Informed on COVID-19

Posted by Alexander Esguerra on

At ADLE International, our mission of offering affordable books even to limited income earners extends to advocating on the health and well being on the vulnerable.

As we strive to reach these goals while monitoring the pandemic news on COVID-19, the Coronavirus, we've liked to extend this opportunity that we are very much concerned on safety and well being of our customers, friends and the people we support. 

Staying well informed is essential while maintaining adequate day to day cleaning and hygiene. We reiterate the fact on constantly washing our hands to a minimum of 20 seconds as best practice. Sanitize-rs and wipes are secondary ways to these cleaning routines on surfaces we frequently touch. This routine also includes recommendations of keyboards, mouse, as well as mobile and smartphone devices especially as social media and online presence is now part of our daily lives.

Knowing the facts will help us better understand the virus and alleviate the anxiety within. One of the suggested book readings on our store, talks about on protecting one self on the Coronavirus.


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